Illustration Book
[Travel Through A Year]
​​​​​​​Travel Through a Year is a story about a girl and a fox traveling through a forest. Each page represents a month of the year.  The seasonal change of each page was presented by plants that grow/blossom in the month of the image. Weathers like rain and snow are also demonstrating the variation.
The project has a digital version painted with Procreate and a handmade book version with pictures made by needle felting. 

Digital: 7 x 5 in 
Book: 6 x 8 x 5 in
Wool, wire, fabric, ribbon, chipboard, snap​​​​​​​
Hide in the Wood is made by needle felting with other supportive materials. It represents a need for protection to avoid pressure and anxiety. 

Wool, steel wire, fabric, LED light wires, tree trunk food server
Contain batteries for lighting
A handmade lantern created by relief printing on paper with a three dimensions pattern on the surface. The four animals include a squirrel, rabbit, cat, and fox. 

Paper pulp made of tissues, book page scraps, and dried plants
Speedball carve blocks, ink stamps, wood sticks, string lights, threads
Cake is a motion illustration project that tells a story of dreaming and waking up from a dream. The dream is a vivid world full of vibrant colors and a happy mood while waking up is back to the pale reality. 

68 frames, 26 seconds
Comic Book
The Happiest Land is a comic book that tells a story about a girl visiting a magical amusement park. The fictional world in the park allows people to explore creativity and find happiness. 
The characters in the comic are non-humans, which brings more joy while reading the story.

34 pages
Ink pen and watercolor on paper
Scanned to the computer for layout
A set of 5 postcards with designs created by two overlapping colors. The theme is flowers and leaves that bring a feeling of spring and summer.
Each scene also includes a miniature object that hints at the existence of someone living behind the stage. 

5 x 7 in
Handmade Book
A book made in the artist's last school year in college as a summary of her path in studying art. The images came from her sketches, doodles, and school works in the past 16 years. The pages were divided into 4 sections and periods in life: early childhood, moving to Los Angeles, high school years, and studying at Otis. 
The background of each page was created by letterpress pressure printing. The image and the type were printed by silkscreen and letterpress with photopolymer plate. The cover was screen printed on maple paper wood. 

9" x 12"
Maple paper wood, rice paper, washi paper, bookbinding thread
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